A Season of Lasts and Firsts...

A Season of Lasts and Firsts...

There’s so much joy and sadness wrapped around a season of lasts and firsts. The joy comes from the anticipation and excitement of finishing a season well but the sadness comes from the nostalgia of knowing you are ending part of a journey and you will never be that way again. There’s such beauty in both of those emotions tho. That’s where we are as we enter this season with our beautiful firstborn!

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2019 Senior Shoot | Cody Whiddon | Monticello Opera House

2019 Senior Shoot | Cody Whiddon | Monticello Opera House

Oh my goodness!!! This has to be one of our Favorite Senior Shoots EVER!!!! We had the most fun with this guy! …! As he stood on stage and belted out songs in several different languages (WHAT?!), we were completely blown away!

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Maddy Cloud | Florida State University| 2017| College Senior Session

What happens when you combine style & beauty with a charming personality?  You get Maddy!  She is one of the cutest gals!  Her personality is as large as life and from the time we met her (years ago), to now, she has always been so much fun to be around!  So, you can only imagine how honored we were when she asked us to photograph her for her Senior College Senior Shoot!  What?!!! She just recently graduated from FSU!!!

We knew she would show up lookin gorgeous, so we had to find the perfect backdrop.  Fortunately, we had some sweet friends who recently purchased some new property in our charming little small town of Monticello, and when we scoped it out, we knew this was it!!!  Then when Maddy showed up in this gown, we were just short of shrieking!!! EEK!!!

So who is this girl anyway?  Well, she just happens to be the youngest of 3...all girls...and comes from an amazing family!  Her parents are some of the sweetest people we know...always so overly generous and so kind.  And we have had the honor of photographing her sisters' weddings as well!  We have had a lot of fun getting to know her a bit more at the weddings and especially at her Senior Session!

Maddy is an amazing writer (with her own blog) and a fashion-lover (as if you couldn't tell). To say she is talented, doesn't begin to do her justice either.  She is a sweetheart with such a zest for life and to top it all off, this girl adores her family!  Can it get any better than that?

We are so excited for you, Maddy, as you take on the world! We know you have big dreams and won't be stopped at anything until you reach your goals!  Congratulations on being a recent Florida State University Graduate!!!  (Go Noles!!!) And thanks for letting us be a small part of your new adventure! We loved every crazy minute of it (including helping you climb a huge rock mountain in that epic dress...all just to get the perfect photo! Ha-ha. You're a champ!).    Keep on dreaming and reaching for the stars!  You're destined for great things!

Enjoy the journey,

Allen & Carol

Kirsten Whiddon | Chiles High School Senior Session | Tallahassee, Florida

Senior Shoots do not have to be boring!!!  This one was a laugh a minute!!!  We had so much fun with the Whiddon family at Destin, photographing their beautiful daughter and her friends for a senior session.  Let me back up a bit...we have been photographing this family for many years! They have been some of our biggest cheerleaders and fans in our business adventures.  We look forward to photographing them each year.  We always schedule it for the "golden hour" so that they get the most epic sunsets!  And they do.  What's more is that they are the best sports.  Jump shots? No problem for this family.  They are always up for an adventure when it's time to do their shoots.  We absolutely love that about them.  Since they believe in Allen and his vision for their photos, it makes our job so easy, and in addition, it allows Allen the freedom to get the photos he's dreaming of!  Now that's a win-win! 

They are also precious friends of ours, and that makes this senior session even more special! We are so excited to celebrate this young lady and all the hard work she has put in over the years.  It's going to be so exciting to see where God takes her in the future.  Lord knows, she's got amazing parents, grandparents and a sweet brother to be a part of her support team!  And her zest for life, which makes her so much fun to be around, is really going to take her places!

Kirsten, you have worked hard and accomplished much!  It's time to spread your wings and fly, girl! You've got this!  We are so proud of you and so thankful to have had the opportunity to photograph you & hang out with you and your friends.  You keep us laughing!

Cheering you on!!!

Allen & Carol

Micah Joyner | Chiles High School | 2017 Senior Session | Tallahassee Florida

This girl here is one of the strongest girls we know!  We have known her since she was an infant & its been so amazing watching her grow up!  Through gymnastics,  surgeries and many other challenges, she has stayed strong...trusting the Lord thru each situation.  We are so proud of her and so excited to highlight her on our blog and celebrate her! We can't wait to see where life takes her.  

She has already done incredible things, including graduating Cum Laude from Lawton Chiles High School in May of this year and winning the distinguished Lawton Chiles award! In addition, she came in first runner up for the District's Best and Brightest Recognition in the Public Speaking category. WOW!!!

Most of all, we are impressed by her character! She always has a sweet spirit and beautiful smile no matter what she is facing. Her strength and joy truly come from the Lord.

Great things await this sweet gal!

Congratulations Micah Joyner! We are rooting for you!

Allen & Carol