2019 Senior Shoot | Cody Whiddon | Monticello Opera House

Oh my goodness!!! This has to be one of our Favorite Senior Shoots EVER!!!! We had the most fun with this guy! We had originally planned a different location for the shoot but the Monticello Opera House was so great to work with and it could not have been a more perfect fit for this senior! Especially since he’s in theater! Allen is always trying new things with shoots and one of our favorite things about the Whiddon Family is that they love it! They gave him free reign with creativity and it always turns out so good! They really make our jobs so fun and they are some of our biggest encouragers too! We really can’t believe their youngest is a Senior and they are beginning new chapters in their lives! Time Flies!

So…back to Cody! He has the most beautiful singing voice and blessed us with it during the shoot!! As he stood on stage and belted out songs in several different languages (WHAT?!), we were completely blown away! I, for one, was so thankful that Allen was shooting and I was just assisting, because I had to pick my jaw up off the ground as soon as Cody belted out the first note! This kid’s got skills!!! All I could do was stand there and be in awe. Truly!

It was way too hard to just choose a few to share, so we choose many. And even this was narrowing it down. ha-ha. It seems every photo was our favorite because Cody has such an amazing personality and epic smile!

We hope you enjoy these even half as much as we have!