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A Season of Lasts and Firsts...

A Season of Lasts and Firsts...

There’s so much joy and sadness wrapped around a season of lasts and firsts. The joy comes from the anticipation and excitement of finishing a season well but the sadness comes from the nostalgia of knowing you are ending part of a journey and you will never be that way again. There’s such beauty in both of those emotions tho. That’s where we are as we enter this season with our beautiful firstborn!

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Micah Joyner | Chiles High School | 2017 Senior Session | Tallahassee Florida

This girl here is one of the strongest girls we know!  We have known her since she was an infant & its been so amazing watching her grow up!  Through gymnastics,  surgeries and many other challenges, she has stayed strong...trusting the Lord thru each situation.  We are so proud of her and so excited to highlight her on our blog and celebrate her! We can't wait to see where life takes her.  

She has already done incredible things, including graduating Cum Laude from Lawton Chiles High School in May of this year and winning the distinguished Lawton Chiles award! In addition, she came in first runner up for the District's Best and Brightest Recognition in the Public Speaking category. WOW!!!

Most of all, we are impressed by her character! She always has a sweet spirit and beautiful smile no matter what she is facing. Her strength and joy truly come from the Lord.

Great things await this sweet gal!

Congratulations Micah Joyner! We are rooting for you!

Allen & Carol