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Hiking in North Georgia mountains for Carols 40th.

Hiking in North Georgia mountains for Carols 40th.

Today's #marriagemondays post is a bit playful! Because playing together is powerful!  Ok. So this sounds silly, but it's so true.  Some call it "recreational companionship". We just call it having fun together. When we first met (back in high school...we'll save that story for another post), Allen was a surfer (and still is).  Although I (Carol) had never surfed, but was certainly no stranger to the beach, I began becoming more interested in Surfing...paying a bit more attention to the different style of boards, the waves, which ones were clean (aka: surfable), and which ones were blown get the idea.  I did try it a few times but after a few scary incidents of being tossed about by waves and dragged under and knocked on the head by the board (ouch!), I decided I could still take an interest in my man's hobby...just from a different perspective.... from the shore! And I do! When Allen surfs, I can be found soaking up some Vitamin D AND watching him catch waves.  Even after all these years together, when he catches a wave, he still looks up to see if I saw it. So sweet!  It is super important for me to connect with him in this way. So sometimes I catch it on camera, and other times, I just catch his eye and give him a bug thumbs up & a smile.  He smiles...then is off to catch the next epic wave!

So, we may have lost some of you by now. You may be thinking that we are the silliest couple in the world.  And you may just be right. But it works for us.  This is a small way we can connect with each other in a way that no one else can connect with us.  Allen doesn't look to see if the skinniest blonde on the beach saw him catch a wave...he looks to see if I  noticed.  If ya think that doesn't make me feel like a million bucks...what girl wouldn't feel great with a cute surfer watching for her to cheer him on? Ain't I lucky?

Even though the beach is one of our favorite  places to be together, there  are plenty of other ways we connect with each other. Here are just a few:

  • Kayaking
  • Mountain biking
  • Hiking
  • Walks on the beach..especially at night
  • Stargazing - holding each other close is a must for this one. hee-hee

So, none of these may be your thing.  And that's okay.  We want you to find your own way to adventure together. Some couples prefer disc golf. Some like to play basketball. Some like to cook together. Others like to go to concerts together.  Whatever it is, we just want to encourage you to have fun together. Carve out just a little bit of time weekly (or monthly at the least) to adventure together. Your bond will grow stronger through this, as ours has. There are so many things in daily life that pull you apart (finances, parenting, running a business together, busy schedules, and of course conflicts).  It's so important to not let your marriage run on empty & adventuring  together is like refueling your marriage.  It helps  you connect with each other and brings fresh perspective at times.   You will never regret the time you put into your marriage.  It's one of the greatest investments you can make - for you, for your children, your grandchildren and for those watching.

So get out there & be a little bit silly together! Find ways to connect and enjoy each other's company. If you're not sure where to start, you could begin by each making a list of your favorite activities, then picking 1 or 2 from that list that you would both enjoy! 

Snuggling at Amicalola Falls State Park in Dahlonega, Georgia

Snuggling at Amicalola Falls State Park in Dahlonega, Georgia

We'd love to hear from you! How do you adventure together, or how do you plan to adventure together? We can't wait to hear how that goes for you.  (oh....slight caveat: There have been times that adventuring together has been challenging - such as mountain biking, or hiking Yosemite, but pushing through that & remembering that you're on the same team & working toward the same goal will help you get through those challenges and get to the enjoying part of the adventure more quickly.  If adventuring together and leaving the daily worries behind feels strange at 1st, don't give up.  Just keep at it and the rewards will come!)

Cheering you on,


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