A Bit About Us

THANKS FOR STOPPING BY!   We are Allen & Carol Adams! We are based out of the charming, small town of Monticello, Florida. 

WITHOUT YOU, we couldn't do what we love!  Having others allow us into their lives is such a privilege, and we always feel blessed by being able to tell others' stories through our lens. Here's a little bit of our story.

OUR LOVE STORY began as high-school sweethearts...crazy enough, we fell in love on a youth ski trip (Allen had to teach Carol how to "snowplow" without busting it! Hee-hee) Although we were young, we just knew we'd always be together.  After dating for 3 1/2 years, we finally tied the knot!  Fast forward 22 years, and here we are...more crazy about each other now more than ever!

A few of our favorite things:

  • FAMILY is our top priority.  We have the 3 most amazing kids in the whole world! They are truly the light of our lives.  We love having them work alongside us, whether in photography or on home projects, or
  • TRAVELING together!  Our traveling adventures with our kids include skiing, hiking, sight-seeing, & serving others.  Our children are some of our favorite people to adventure with! We can often be found traveling the Southeast (or to Atlanta, Georgia!) to visit extended family.  We have quite a large family and get together very often (which means thousands of crazy photos)!  As a bonus, our extended family just happens to ROCK! God has truly done great things for us, bringing restoration, love and overwhelming blessings to our family!
  • COFFEE is one of our passions as well! After living in Costa Rica years ago, we became quite picky about our coffee and will only drink "the good stuff" (if we can help it, of course).  We prefer Costa Rican coffee when we can get it. It's so smooth and always takes us back to our time living there!
  • THE BEACH is definitely one of our favorite places to frequent!!!  Allen surfs while Carol reads a good book & soaks up some vitamin D  (and of course ogles over her good-lookin surfer! ;)  Whoop-whoop!

Photography of course makes the favorite list!  It has enriched our lives & really opened our eyes to the world around us in new ways.  There are so many beautiful people, each with their own beautiful story.

For those who have allowed us to share your story through our lens, we are eternally grateful....And for those stories waiting to be told, we eagerly anticipate!