downtown tallahassee engagement photos_0003.jpg

Have you ever heard “Peace begins with a smile” (Mother Theresa)? Well nothing could be truer for these two. They were certainly at peace with each other during their Engagement Session! (swoon!!) And they were an absolute delight to hang out with and photograph! Additionally, we could not have been more excited about their location choice! They wanted to be photographed at the Chain of Parks in Tallahassee and in front of a special tree that they have loved for years. We love it when our couples pick a significant place for their engagement photos! It lends itself to such natural poses and smiles! And this evening was no different, as you can tell. Wrapped in each others embrace, they just smiled and laughed all evening, while we just snapped away! Woohoo! We can always tell it’s going to be a great shoot when the bride-to-be shows up with a big gorgeous smile and the groom-to-be is smitten with her. LOL. As it should be! Hee-hee.

After photographing Brittainy and Jas at their special tree, we moved on to the rest of the parks and took advantage of the gorgeous twinkling lights all in the trees! These two were so natural and just enjoyed each others company, as we simply captured their love for one another! That’s really what we’re after on an Engagement Shoot (or wedding or family shoot, etc). Our goal is to capture the love between a bride and groom (or family)…to capture those in-between moments when you can just tell by their smiles that they are crazy about each other! We knew driving home (and scrolling thru the photos) that we had done just that and it made us even more excited for their wedding coming up this month! Yay! We simply can’t wait! Until then, we’ll just leave you with these so you can feel the love between them through our lenses. (insert big sappy sigh here ;-)