Don't forget to dance! | Marriage Mondays


 I (Carol) really cannot count how many times a good ole country love song has come on the radio (or Pandora....we Love Pandora), and Allen has grabbed me for a quick slow dance while dinner cooks. It melts my butter! It is usually when I am having a tense moment, hurrying & scurrying, trying to "get it all done" (as if that ever really happens...or even matters in the end).  Sometimes it is when I have had an exhausting  day doing Algebra, Latin & Debate with our 3 children (we homeschool), keeping up with laundry, housekeeping, cooking, and managing our business.  Allen will make me stop.what I'm doing, gather me in his arms and dance with me.  Now really...what weary woman can resist that kind of love, I ask you. Not this one. I just melt into his arms, as we sway back and forth.  Sounds crazy, but it works for us.  We love to dance in the kitchen together. After all, the kitchen is where most of life happens for us, AND it's good for our kiddos to see us dancing together in the midst of a stressful day.

 So, there you have of our secrets...dancing in the kitchen together. May sound silly, but it sure does make cooking dinner a lighter load. 😊  Oh...and ladies, there's a catch...are you ready for this?  You have to LET him dance with you.  Dinner can wait a few, so can the crying kids, or your to-do list...your marriage is worth it.

So whether it's Alan Jackson, Dolly Parton or Taylor Swift, put on a love song & dance in the kitchen together. ;)

By the way, if you're looking for some ways to refresh your marriage or even just the spark alive, then our #marriagemondays are for you! For more information on that, see our last post below!   And of there's ever a way we can help encourage you, just let us know. Cheering you on in your marriage is our "why"!  

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