South Florida Wedding | Ali + David | December 16, 2017`

Although it's taken us a little while to get this wedding out on the blog, it holds a special place in our hearts for so many reasons.  One of those is that it was the wedding of my (Carol's) cousin, whose brother was the ring bearer in our wedding (crazy how time flies!!).  Another reason is because this wedding took place less than 2 months after mama passed and it's a wedding she had planned to attend and celebrate with us all.  I know it  was a bittersweet day for so many of us to be celebrating without mama but it was a bit therapeutic to not only attend the wedding but also be able to capture each special moment of the day.

And the details were so lovely! The best part was that so many friends and family worked together and used their gifts to make this such a beautiful day for the bride!  This lavender bouquet was handmade by the bride's sisterinlaw's family.  How precious is that? It was an amazing example of how a wedding can be whatever you want it to be. It does not have to be outrageously extravagant to be memorable.  The flowers fade, the cake gets eaten, the decorations get thrown away, but the photos will be passed down for many generations to cherish and treasure.  Each bride's wedding can be made so special with such little fuss. It just takes a bit of creativity (and a little bit of love from friends and family) to add those special touches.

And that's a wrap!  If you would have told us that Mama wouldn't be at this wedding, and we would shoot it so shortly after her passing, yet our hearts would be full (and we would be able to actually do this), we wouldn't have believed you. Yet, our great God is full of mystery and love and compassion and gave us the strength we needed to do this, and also filled our hearts with joy!  

We are so proud of you, Ali & David!  Keep loving each other and never forget that you are "for each other" not against each other. Keep laughing together and enjoy the adventure of marriage! We love you both!

Allen & Carol


CEREMONY SITE:     St. Mary's Episcopal Church - Stuart, Florida

RECEPTION SITE:      Life Church - Jensen Beach, Florida

FLOWERS:                    Bethany Nauman (sister-in-law of officiant)

CAKE:                            Kristin Tilghman (friend)

CATERER:                     A Culinary Caper - Carla O' Donnell (friend of Bride's family)