Katie & Eddie | White Oaks Barn Wedding | Dahlonega, Georgia

Rolls-royce wedding

What happens when a cute, blonde, Russian tennis-coach falls for a good ole American boy (also a tennis-coach)?  THIS! Unfiltered, adorable, adventurous love!  These two met when they coached at a tennis camp. They were called the tennis "mom" & "dad" of the camp since they not only coached but cared deeply for the kids and took great care of them as well. You can imagine their students' excitement when they finally got together! After having the opportunity to get to know them a bit, we can see why they were so dearly loved by their students. We have thoroughly enjoyed each step of this journey with them.  We love all of our couples and sometimes we make such a connection with a couple that when the wedding is over, our hearts ache just  a bit because we know we won't get to see them as much.  That is certainly the case with these two!

We had too much fun with them at White Oaks Barn in Dahlonega, Georgia.  What a beautiful venue it was!  Even though it was rainy, it was still a gorgeous place to tie the knot! 

Katie and Eddie were so great about incorporating friends and family into their special day.  One way they did this was by Katie having both her mom and her future mother-in-law help her get ready. It was so sweet watching them work together, each of them giving preference to the other.  By watching them, you could really see how they have both raised such beautiful children, who were about to begin their new life together.

One of the things we admire about Katie & Eddie is the respect and love they have for one another.  All through the wedding day, they were looking out for one another and longing to be together each moment.  One instance, Eddie had stepped out with a friend and Katie was inside the reception barn dancing her heart out. But she knew the moment he entered the room! She ditched the person she was dancing with (in her own sweet way) and made a beeline for her groom! It was the cutest thing. I grinned from ear to ear as we kept snapping those photos! And he is just as smitten with her!   

Another one of our favorite things about them is their amazing sense of adventure! We love to pull couples out of the reception for just a few minutes to get an epic sunset shot.  The weather this night though simply wouldn't allow it. That's okay though! We can work some magic with the rain too! As long as we have an adventurous couple willing to have some fun!  We are so glad they were up for it, because their rainy photo with the Rolls-Royce is one of our favorites! (see below)

Hope these photos make you cheesy-grin, like we are as we relive their epic day!


And just like that...Mr. & Mrs. Eddie Matthews begin their life together (even though they had to have a little "push" from their groomsmen. Haha. Now that's taking your groomsmen duty seriously!).

Maine is one lucky state to have these two!  And we felt lucky to be a part of their day and to be their "friend-tographers"!

Congrats, Katie & Eddie!



VENUE: White Oaks Barn, Dahlonega, GA

FLOWERS: The Flower Mart

DJ: Black Tie Events



GROOM'S ATTIRE: The Tuxedo House