By Carol Adams:

We had so much fun with these two!  They both have such easy smiles and made our job so much fun!! Ben & Candace are so adorable together, and we are super stoked about getting to photograph their wedding in 2016!

When we met Candace and her mom for the first time to discuss wedding photography, we knew that she looked very familiar.  We just couldn't quite figure out why. Then we figured it out...once we met her Mom and recognized the last name.  Carol had taught Candace in the 1st grade at church.  Ahhh!  Her sweet smile and dimples looked so familiar, but the name brought it all full circle!  It was such an awesome realization to think we would get to be a part of her life again.  Then we met Ben as well, and we all hit it off!  We love how they can be so adventures and yet calm, at the same time..relaxing and just enjoying each others company, in front of our lens.

Shooting at St. Marks Lighthouse is always fun, but this time we had an added adventure!  We had to brave some insane biting flies to get a few of these shots, and then while trying to flee the flies, we thought for certain we were in danger of running up on a gator. Creepy!  In the end, we all agreed that it probably wasn't a gator, but it was pretty scary in the moment.  Sometimes getting photos this epic takes work, but is so worth it in the end...all were safe, and the photos turned out beautifully! All in a day's work (or just simply a gorgeous morning)!  We hope you enjoy their smiles and adorableness (yes, that's a word - in a dictionary somewhere).

Adams Photography Candace & Ben Engagement_0006.jpg
Adams Photography Candace & Ben Engagement_0007.jpg
Adams Photography Candace & Ben Engagement_0008.jpg
Adams Photography Candace & Ben Engagement_0009.jpg
Adams Photography Candace & Ben Engagement_0010.jpg

Ben & Candace, we simply cannot wait til your wedding! It's gonna be a great day!